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Rollo Small Room 
Rollo Large Room 
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The Rollo is available for ongoing activities as shown on the Activity Info page or in the Gallery.


New activities are welcome. If you would like to start a new group, please contact any Board Member.


If the Rollo Seniors Centre is not being used, it’s available to rent.  It has a Food Safe Kitchen and has all flatware and dishes.  The Centre has a maximum capacity of 50 people.


Groups may book for workshops, special days. group shows, functions etc.






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Rental Fees

         Fees for the rentals are as follows:


The Rollo has two rooms available for booking.

The minimum time for booking is one hour


Small Room: Dimensions:13'x 25'.

$10/hr. (after 5 hours, the daily rate applies) or $50 a day


Large Room: Dimensions 23' x24'  

 $20/hr. (after 5 hours, the daily rate applies) or $100 a day


Both Rooms:  $30/hr. (after 5 hours, the daily rate applies) or $150 a day


We have twelve tables (approx 6' x 2.5') and eight square card tables (3 x 3);

 60 folding chairs and 32 place settings.  


  Exceptions and previous arrangements are allowed.


   All rental bookings are handled either through the 

               answering machine:  250-247-9638 




             via email:


                                Mailing Address:

                                 PO Box 181,


                                     V0R 1X0. 

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