GSCA Constitution     Bylaws & Policies

NAME OF THE SOCIETY The name of the Association shall be the Gabriola Senior Citizens Association, hereinafter called “the Association” and the “GSCA”.

PURPOSES OF THE ASSOCIATION The purposes of the Association shall be: • To promote the interests of senior citizens on Gabriola • To provide and operate recreational facilities for all members of the Association
Gabriola Senior Citizens Association Bylaws

GSCA Policies

Category: Programs Number: 4A Item: Responsibilities of Activity Group Leaders Responsibility: Board Date: Revised April 2020

Category: Finance Number: 3B Item: Receipt of Financial Legacies Responsibility: Treasurer Date: Revised May 2020

Item: Membership Fees (draft) Responsibility: President Date: Revised January 2020

Item: Use of the Rollo Seniors Centre Responsibility: Program/Rental Coordinator Date: Revised December 2019

Category: Administration Number: 1L Item: New Program Requests Responsibility: Board of Directors Date: March 2020

Category: Administration Number: 1H Item: Emergency Services Responsibility: GSCA President Date: Revised March 202

Item: Maintaining Civility Responsibility: President Dates: November 2019