Have you visited the Rollo Centre lately? 


Information For the Repening of the Rollo Centre July 6, 2020

Our Gabriola Senior Citizens Association Board announces the reopening of the Rollo Seniors Centre effective July 6th. 

  • Rollo will be open to GSCA activity groups and ongoing renters only.


  • Any groups wishing to use Rollo must notify Kaamran Hafeez ( rollo.rental@gmail.com ) of their intention to resume their program


  • For the time being, Rollo will not be available to rent by outside groups or individuals.

  • Please read the information (below) about staying safe as we use the Rollo Centre.


  • Consistent with B.C. government guidelines, the GSCA Board has developed new safety protocols that must be observed by those using the building.  These protocols reduce but do not eliminate the risk of COVID-19. 


Everyone’s situation is different and you must judge for yourself if you are willing to accept the risk associated with being at Rollo.


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There are so many Activities at the Rollo Seniors Centre

Monday & Saturday 10:00am
Maintaining Mobility
Pilates for Seniors

Tools and Techniques

Instructor: Liz Lutz

The Rollo Seniors Centre 3:30pm

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